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Hi and Welcome! To our free clean eating group. I will have a welcome video and some information up later this afternoon! Please note that you will need to take a trip to the grocery store this evening or tomorrow morning and begin your meal prep process tomorrow. I will have the meal plan and shopping list up in just a little bit!!!
Please note that if you take the meal plan and run you are going to miss sooooo many crucial nuggets of information and education within this group! The meal plan is really only a fraction of what we are going to learn and do in this group. You may miss some of the most important information for your weight loss and fitness. So please stick around! There will be a big prize!



Hey Everyone!!! Here is your Clean Eating Meal plan, shopping list, and a few other options to replace protein, veggie, and fruit options.
For your Salmon/ Chicken you will want to find your favorite way to season or prepare.
Here is how I will prepare my salmon:
Here is how I prepare my chicken:
Here is the deal: Grocery shopping needs to happen today or tomorrow morning okay!!! Comment below once you have locked in your groceries!


Okay guys!! Its prize alert time!!
Guess what... if you participate in this group, you have a chance to win a 3 Day Refresh package!! Thats right! Each time that you post in this group during a mini challenge or post your nutrition for the day, you will be placed in a drawing to win 1 of 3 prizes:
1. 3 Samples of Shakeology (Mixed)2. A bottle of Derm Exclusive facial cleanser (this stuff is incredible)3. A 3 DAY REFRESH.... THE NEWEST CRAZE IN BODY CLEANSING!!! DROP EVEN MORE WEIGHT WHILE RESETTING AND REFRESHING YOUR BODY.

Sunday: DAY 1:

Good morning everyone!!! Here is your first challenge! If you have not already done so .
1. Today is meal prep dayyou will want to prepare all of your veggies, proteins and fruits! Have your week ready! 2. You will need tupperware and probably need 2 - 3 hours to prepare. This will make it so YOU do not have to cook for yourself all week. How cool is that!??!! Preparation is half the battle in my experience! Have fun with it!3. Blast music, brew up a cup of coffee (yes coffee is fine when you only use a tiny bit of milk (preferably almond) and stevia (truvia)!! Make is a fun event in your household!4. Snap photos of your experience and share to the page! Heck share to your newsfeed as well! Inspire someone... why not!! It helps to pay it forward in your journey!!

I cannot wait to see all of your photos today!

Day 1:

Good morning clean eaters!! Today is the kick off to your clean eating week! Remember if you are going to work, you need to pack up your food to go!

To get the most out of your clean eating, please check out you FREE workout today!!

Your challenge! Grab a sweaty workout photo today or tonight!!

Day 1:

Lets discuss portions ladies!! Yep its not enough to just eat clean! In fact let me warn you... I ate clean for an entire year, and I did not lose a single LB of body fat! I even worked out every single day! No I was not plateaued! I was eating to much! I ate double the amount I was supposed to be eating for optimal body fat loss! So below you will see how your plate should look.

I personally love to follow the FIST AND PALM METHOD!! SO EASY AND SO ACCURATE!!

Protein: Size of your palm and the thickness of a deck of cards.
Fats: 2 tablespoons a day (avacado/almonds)
Carbs: The size of one fist!
Veggies: unlimited just don't douse in olive oil (pick on olive oil spray by PAM)
Fruits: The size of one fist. I do not combine carbs and fruits. Its either or! A carb or a fruit as fruit is a carb and contains sugars.

You are expected to eat 3 meals a day and two snacks, but really these snacks are meals !!! Get used to eating meals!! If you are starving by the end of the day, pan fry 3 eggs whites and enjoy with some salt!




I want you to all pick up 1 gallon jug of water, and work towards consuming one of those bad boys a day. This is as important as your eating. I promise you, the water alone will make a big difference in your waste line! It will also prevent extreme hunger!!!

Questions? Ive got answers. Comment below! Good luck ladies!


Day 2: The Workouts (I use fitness blender on youtube! They are free cardio workouts. They aren't nearly as amazng as Beachbody, but they are free for now!)
Here is your freebie workout today!!

Clean eating isn't just about food, it is also about fitness!! Check out this 30 minute dance party. Have fun!!! Comment below with how many calories you burned (if you have an HRM)

 Day 2:The Challenge


Post a photo in the group of the people in your life that you are making a change for! Your reason, your WHY other than YOU wanting to feel good, and look better!!

Your man? Your kids? or HECK just you?!


Comment below with your photos!!



Day: The LessonDay 2: Your Lesson for the day! We are continuing this PORTION CONTROL journey with my Sister in Iron, Clean Eating GURU, Clean Eating Expert, and the creator of Oxygen Magazine... Tasca Reno!!Tasca coined the name Clean eating and I suggest you all pick up her book, Clean Eating Diet Book! Its where I got my start in clean eating.Lets here from Tasca on how to really dive into controlling your portions on your clean eating lifestyle!! 2: List 3 words that describe how you feel after today!

Day 3: The Challenge: Capture photos of you chugging your water all day and post in the comments section here!

Wow can you believe we have made it this far!?!? Okay so I am reading a lot of feed back that people are TIRED!!! AND THIS LEADS ME TO THE NEXT TOPIC... WATER!!

You need to aim to consume 1 gallon a day. SO today I want you to experience what it feels like in your body to get ENOUGH water. You will be shocked at how dehydrated you might actually be, and how that is causing you to feel exhausted!


Today I will be sharing quick facts about H20 and tips on how to get that water in! Trust me when I tell you, you are going to see massive changes and feel so amazing when you get that gallon in!! Especially if you are working out!!



Day 3: The workout!!  work that booty and core!!


Day 3: The Lesson

Now lets dive in. How to Drink Water to Lose Weight!


Why is water so important to weight loss?

Watch this video and list below in the comments section how water makes you feel and do you recall a time when you drank more water and lost more weight?



Day 4: The Lesson

Guys, COFFEE IS NOT REALLY YOUR ENEMY! Lets have a discussion about this! Sure coffee dehydrates you, but if you are drinking enough water (1 gallon) coffee will not do as much damage as you think! In fact 1 cup of coffee a day has been proven to improve brain functionality and your metabolism! I stress... 1 cup! 2 Cups may even be okay! Just don't sit under the coffee maker and drink it all day! Don't run an IV into your system of coffee! You need more water than anything else!


Coffee will:
Hold you over until your next meal because it actually acts as an appetite supressant (ever notice that? That is why diet pills help to supress your appetite, they are just caffeine pills! They don't actually burn fat! They just supress appetite, just like coffee does. Same thing!

Gives you a little extra mental clarity in the morning.

Helps to burn body fat (not by much but hey! Why not!?)

So if you are drinking enough water, you will flush your system for sure! So drink a cup or two and relax!!

Just do not add crap to it!! You need to be certain what you add to your coffee isn't full of sugar and crap!

I like to use Stevia and 1 tablespoon of raw whole milk. That would be about 20 calories... not to shabby!

You can also use almond milk, sugar in the raw, cinnimon, and coconut milk. Just be certain you measure your portions!



Day 4: The Challenge

Day 4 Challenge: Today I want you to share with your friends and family a post about what you have been up to these last 4 days! Just say something like this... "I have been eating clean in this clean eating challenge group for 4 days now and I feel amazing. Just saying... clean eating is the bomb."

Copy and paste your post in the comments section!


Day 4: The Workout

Day 5: The challenge:Share photos of your clean eats today and represent YOU staying on track!!


Day 5: The Workout 5:Is losing 5-10 lbs over the next month worth $4.66 a day to you?What if $4.66 also covered on of your meals each day?What if $4.66 also covered all of your daily vitamins (plus some)?What if $4.66 also covered an entire fitness program with proven results that you keep... forever?What if that also covered an accountability support group and a free coach?Next month, you'll wish you had started today. Message me if you are ready to take your fitness to the next level with me!Day 5: The LessonOkay everyone Lets talk a little bit about meal prepping and planning!!This is the day when I usually decide on what my 5-6 meals a day will look like next week. I map out how many calories I need for each day, and how many calories I want per meal! I then create my shopping list and I get ready for grocery shopping on Saturday.I try to keep all of my roughly the same set up! Carbs, Proteins, and some fats! So that is your challenge today! Create a meal plan and shopping list for this weekend and share here to this page!! Lets help one another with tips and ideas!Day 6:Day 6: The workout then... 6: The ChallengeToday and TomorrowGrab a photo of your meal prep adventure and show that you made it to the finish lineDay 6: Do not forget to take measurements of yourself tomorrow! See where you land!!Day 7:The Winner of our challenge is!!!Day 7: Did you weigh/measure in? What did you achieve?!?!Day 7:Last day ladies and last chance:Hey everyone! Did you love working with this group!? Do you want to continue the journey with me for another 60 days??? We are going to rock a super dialed in 60 day fitness program, a clean eating meal plan that will help you continue the results!!! Comment below and I will reach out to you this evening!! You are going to get a super duper discount for being part of this group!IN CASE THERE IS A HOLIDAY:

OMGOMGOMG ITS A HOLIDAAYYYY!!! What the eff do I doooo!??! Hahha are you guys asking yourself this?!?!

Its a Holiday... THATS IT GUYS! Its not your Holiday! Its someone else's. You are there to enjoy the social aspect, not the food! At least not this year.

Follow your portions, have a single treat, and seriously stay away from the alchohal! NO joke! You will loose all of your will power the moment that bubbly goodness hits the lips... OH BUT JUST ONE COACH!?? Nope, it turns into 3 or it makes you feel hungrier later and you end up eating way more than you wanted to eat. Its a vicious cycle! Do you want to waste these last 4 days on a holiday that isn't even your birthday, or anniversary, or whatever!


Just get through this day. Its one day. Eat some fruit, eat a little treat and keep yourself very busy. We are going to the beach. I am packing a cooler full of my clean eats and water.

Bring some soda water and limes and make a mocktail!